About Us

“Pralayam” means “The World”. “Shema” means “Goodness” i.e For the sake of the Universal Public goodness, one has to help to others in the name of services, with the motive of spreading and developing the above spiritual wordings has been inaugurated in “Pralayashema” Trust. It is registered under the Indian Act. 1908 No. 622/2002 Chennai.

P means We give Prosperous life for all
R means We create Realistic life for all
A means We create Able man to do any things
L means We can Leave your poverty
A means We can Abolish your bad thoughts
Y means We can Yield in every field
A means We are Able to guide to others
S means We can Save your life and others
H means We create Health and Harmony in your life
E means We can Educate yourself and others
M means We can Make yourself as a philanthropist
A means We will Accomplish your aims and goals

The world is eye. We see the world with our eyes. Every human being is like a God. God has watching every human activities. . In our world, no one can see the God then How will get good things to every body? and How we will get it? that is why we are saying God is Human. The worth or value of human life depends not upon the years a man lives, but upon the good deeds they do in this world. Our life is valour, dedication, nobility, steadfastness, conviction etc., As Lord Byron has said, “Actions are our epochs.” Life is thought and action, not breathing and living. So, when we think, speak, action, habit, character for always we have doing good things to others.

God has many faces and determining every life of human beings in the world. No one has got such a power except God. Of late, we have more hurdles in life which are created by us like caste, creed, religion, fanaticism and conflict. All are equal before the God. God is helping to us by way of human beings not directly by the God. As a human beings we have to help to others, for which we have formed this trust. Please bear in mind “God is with you”.

The aim of the trust is to remove the poverty, the illiteracy, the child labor, the language fanaticism, the religion fanaticism, the creed, the caste and the terrorism in the world and to develop the equal status to all and to adopt new technology into all fields and the technology should be educated to everybody.

The charity begins at home. An act of charity must not be undertaken by spreading starvation at home. Any good act must have its beginnings from one’s own surrounding. Unless a person is good to the members of his own family, he cannot be expected to be good to others. Many people have double standards; they preach one thing while they practise another. For instance, many people criticize the evil of dowry, but when their turn comes they gladly accept it. Such people are bound to be mocked at by others. A person who corrects himself can be expected to correct others. A person who has set his own house in order can be expected to reform the society. A person who serves his own countrymen first, can be expected to serve the mankind at large, for these the Pralayashema Educational & Social Service Trust has been formed and registered under the Indian Registration Act. It’s Registered Office at Old No.19, New No.45, Chakarapani Street Extension, West Mambalam, Chennai-600 033, Tamilnadu, India.

The founder of trust is Shri. M. Kuzhanchinathan and trustees are 1. Shri.V.Palaniappan, 2. Shri. S.Rajesh. The founder and trustees are successful person in their life having wide generosity mind with well education. They have keen interest to achieve the aim of Pralayshema and they have close contact with other service oriented organizations.

The main aim of the trust is:

1. To helping poor, needy and deprived people.
2. To providing uniform and scholarship to the meritorious candidates who are studying in poor institutions in all levels.
3. To providing education to poor and youngsters for eradication of illiteracy in the society.
4. To arranging free medical camp for poor and aged people.
5. To providing tailoring machines and typewriting machines to poor people who are living below the poverty line.
6. Blood is very important one to all human beings.

If one person may lost the blood by an accident or undergoing surgery or any other diseases, it should be recouped by other(s) by way of donating blood. For this purpose, the trust is arranging the blood donors and sending them to particular place.